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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year Press release

Smashing The Blockade - Right Wing Resistance Media Team

The fifth anniversary of Right Wing Resistance approaches. It seems unlikely to some that RWR could gain ground in 2014 - we ask you to look deeper. The primary goal for RWR is consistency. In a nation of fewer than five-million people it isn't realistic to desire rapid growth.

In 2013 our primary success was the display of our uniforms. The uniforms (complete with ties) gave us a professional and tidy appearance, while showing unity and loyalty. No other activist group in the country holds protests in formal uniform. In 2014 we will again hold a demonstration with uniformed members. We will also attract sympathetic auxillary supporters and maintain relations with already existing supporters.

This modest strategy will remain in place for the foreseeable future. It would be pointless for us to rally New Zealanders together to "vote out" the incumbent government, or to talk about "revolution". Successful revolutions are a rare occurrence in history, the Egyptian experience is a good current example of a failed revolution. Even if the puppet leader John Key could be replaced, he would simply be replaced with another globalist puppet from the Labour Party. Ultimately it doesn't matter if we have a left-wing or right-wing Prime Minister. Elected officials are nothing more than corporate flankers, who steal the ball of economic wealth and throw it to their off-shore controllers. The politicians of every nation on Earth serve corrupt special interests (the arms trade, large investment banks, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and so forth).

As a small organisation we lack the required military and economic power that is required to change world events. Instead of trying to win a losing battle, we prefer to (a) maintain our core (b) network with our friends and supporters; and (c) speak truth to power. This strategy of consistency ensures that we live to fight another day, while keeping our options open.

In 2014 our goal is to further damage the left-wing blockade on kiwi activism. The left are tools for the corrupt powers, and their policies are deliberately designed to destroy our standard of living and national identity. The "living wage" would shut down the majority of small businesses. The global warming tax demonizes human existence, and is merely a scheme for global control of population. As many are aware, the weapon of non-stop immigration has proved successful in Europe, with many immigrants arriving with no job lined up, unable to speak the language of their new host country. This has caused crime and tensions. In particular, anti-west hate preachers and other terrorist sympathizers recruit members of terrorist organisations directly into our society, leading to violence and draconian police state regulations. It's time that New Zealanders had a fair chance to oppose these extremist left-wing policies. This year, Right Wing Resistance will break the leftist monopoly on activism and introduce alternate viewpoints.

From media team.

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