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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Press Release

Press release on Syria

We take for granted the liberties available to us, here in New Zealand. The nations colonised by the English have consistently enjoyed more freedom than authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia and China. In the Middle East there is a two-pronged campaign to end religious freedom, and to reign in Sharia Law. The first barb is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the second barb is religiously-motivated terrorist organisations. A combination of "islamic" fanatics intend to bring the Middle East back to the Middle Ages, by launching a holy war against "non-believers". The ISIS (Islamic State Of Iraq) and Al Nusra kill Christians and behead ordinary Syria citizens. In numerous cases these terrorists will kill law-abiding Muslims, good people who pray five times a day. The extremist groups in Syria engage in ethic and sectarian cleansing against Kurds, and against Alwai and Shai muslims. Although the Middle East is not the white man's turf, Right Wing Resistance must note the attempt by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to undermine the legitimate government of Syria, and its President, Bashar al-Assad. Qatar's propaganda arm, Al Jazeera, has been hard at work emphasising the "humanitarian" element in the Syria conflict, while ignoring the terrorist atrocities. Also ignored is the fact that President al-Assad is an Alwai Muslim, while his wife and her family are Sunni.

For two years western human rights organisations have portrayed the conflict in Syria as a battle between peaceful protesters and a mad dictator. In reality, the "civil war" in Syria is an invasion in which Saudi intelligence pours millions of dollars into Salafist terrorist organisations. The Saudi regime believes that terrorists crossing the borders of Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, will eventually bring Syria under the full control of terrorists and fanatics. In some western nations, the actions of the Islamic State Of Iraq could easily qualify as hate crimes, though the phrase is never used.

As the Sochi winter Olympics draw nearer, we hope the New Zealand media will explain the issue of terrorism honestly, by describing terrorist groups as terrorists; not as "rebels". The terrorists in Syria are very close to the Caucasus region. Terrorists in Syria have no trouble going to see their mate Erdogan, then traveling by car to Dagestan and Chechnya, right on Russia's doorstep. We must understand that the types of people who killed US troops in Iraq are the same people fighting in Syria now, and soon they will be all over the world, likely in the Caucasus. Putin is our partner in combating terrorism, not our enemy.

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