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14 words
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Regarding the recent move by the National government to change our nations flag

The recent move by the National government to change our nations flag is nothing short of a stab in the back to our heritage and our forefathers who not only built this great nation from the ground up but also to the brave men who have served in the armed forces and paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend this country. As the generations that put the hard work in are sadly fewer in number as time takes its toll upon them this government is destroying a touchstone of their memories and blood, sweat and tears. A vote to change our flag is nothing short of treachery and bears testament to Nationals' desire to sell New Zealand off to the highest bidder.
National is attacking European heritage further by trying to slide in a proposal to change the New Zealand flag yet again despite vociferous rejection to this idea in the recent past.
They attack our heritage now only because there is no one to stand up for what the flag meant remember we also sacrificed much to defend this nation and other pacific nations from Communism in Korea and Vietnam.
Labour is no better and its loyalty is to the interests of foreign interests and power. A vote against changing our sacred flag is a vote for New Zealand staying in the hands of New Zealanders and ensuring the inheritance of your descendants it was Scottish, English and predominately Europeans who created the New Zealand we enjoy today. Don't let National sell us out for the sake of late comers to this country who did nothing to build it and nothing to defend it.

Resist the aggressors and vote "No" to changing our glorious flag. Remember the heroes who defended your right to freedom.  Don't let it be taken from us by a government made up of cowards and those working for capitalist interests.

Steve Weir
Oamaru RWR

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