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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Save our bloody flag

Greetings Patriots
Im among those who started flag day, we did so because at the time they were talking all this anti crown crap and wanting to change our countries flag to some tourist logo. Shamefull!

Now Mr big shot (i never care about referendums) Key wants to do a referendum, he never does anything about past ones so why would he care about this one? Does he think he will gain popular support? Are there enough lefty middle class anti nationalists and their immigrant mates now to outnumber good proud traditional New Zealanders?

Is Flag day enough when dealing with this parasite and his banking masters. John Key and his love of money status party have no interest in whats good for NZ, they only care about their money and helping their mates out. Maybe we must now find a way to show them more strongly then just one demo a year. We will be talking now with other Nationalists about how we tackle this issue.

We are open to ideas, so send them in.

If our beloved flag is transferred into some Mongolian monstrosity, then our true flag will become the resistance flag. The flags Patriots wave in defiance. The FLAG WE WAVE TO RALLY MORE PEOPLE TO OUR NATIONS CAUSE.

Never surrender to the globalists, the lefty scum, and the disgraceful moronic multiculturlists.

We propose action....

Write to your MP, if he is National abuse the prick. If he is Labour demand action.
Write to your paper, put up posters, write on the internet, go to every political blog and tell them and protest!
If we all do something, we will make some one notice.

RWR NZ Head Office

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