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14 words
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Protest report

Hamilton RWR unit joined in an anti herbal high protest outside an Asian shop today, and got great local feed back. These herbal highs are made by Chinese companies and are linked with Government umbrella companies. These drugs are killing people and ruining families and causing major health problems, but the government's trade deals and taxes earned are ensuring the continued use of these horrid products.

Although this was a small protest it is just the start, and with high numbers of local support we suspect we will get more interest in future protests, We are looking at making it a weekly event with protests at each shop in the city. 

This was an initiative started by other people. However it is one we feel is effective for us to be part of. Not only is the product made by Asians killing New Zealanders and making money for Global companies, the shops themselves are mostly owned and operated by Asians who have no interest in the local community or its well being.

Since we have started being involved in this the picture is clear, broken families, death, permanent health issues and overwhelming addiction leading to crime and all sorts of negative behaviour. 
We have stories of lost loved ones, people having to resuscitate people right outside the shop who passed out from it. Respiratory issues seem to be the most common side effect but who knows what else comes from the toxins in these products, anything made in China that is digested is bound to have chemicals from pollutants that are not declared.

There are options open in the legislature for City Councils to act based on public health, conduct and criminal links. But in many cities including Hamilton the council is very slow to act, which leaves this writer wondering who is getting back pocket deals from such industries. Not only is our country getting into third world health and safety issues along with poverty and basic bad management from Government, but corruption is growing at every level protecting the evil global companies bent on profit at the expense of New Zealand citizens.

Your community pays for it!
Health issues drain taxes, crime issues drain police resources, prisons drain our taxes (our prisons are getting more and more herbal high addicted criminals), and the safety on the streets around these chops is a serious community issue, we had people telling us how they cant carry money or their wallets any more because of the threat of robbery.

90% of the people who passed tooted and gave the thumbs up, along with 60-70% of the people walking by. People are sick of this in their communities. 

European Religions and Cultures: Their importance to White Nationalism

Over the next few weeks, I shall be writing a series of articles about pre-Christian European "religions" or spiritual practices as well as their cultures. The purpose of these articles is two-fold.

Firstly, I wish to inform people about the spiritual practices of our ancestors and how their spiritual beliefs informed everything they did, that it was a natural outgrowth of who they were and where they lived. In as much as I must promote these traditions and discuss how Christianity came to supplant them, it is not my intention to insult or offend Christians, as we owe our primary loyalty to our blood above any creed and we must not let ourselves be divided along such grounds.

Secondly I want to point out their importance to modern people of European heritage, as even though we may hold other faiths or no faith at all, it is our heritage and our very blood leads us to look at the world in much the same way as our forebears. Therefore, an understanding of the ways our ancestors lived, thought and acted will help you embrace and celebrate your racial identity.

The first article will be on the Germanic cultures, which will be followed by Celtic, Slavic and Balkan and any others that I can research.


The great Northern Movement

Greetings All,

We have had a great weekend with not only our meeting in Auckland but also continued activity around the country.

So to start with We will announce the opening of our Stratford Unit in Taranaki, Clayton the unit leader was Oathed in Hamilton Friday night. He has three others joining this unit and they have already proven to be highly motivated and active. Welcome to the fold...

One of our main events in this area is when we can get a meeting going in Auckland with Hamilton and other close by people.
This time we were meeting with Allies and our new members in the Auckland area. In this event we talked about the importance of action, and that to not act is like being the same as all the other people who sit back and let the issues happen. Auckland is behind enemy lines and it must be the centre of some resistance.

We talked about the upcoming plans and made the commitment to not only do covert resistance in the greater Auckland area but also Front line protest in the future drawing on activists from other areas. We will talk in more detail on our sites about these meetings.

To top this event off we swore in a few more members, first in Hamilton and then a hand full in Auckland topping up the Northern Wolves membership. The establishment of a main Auckland Unit and a Southern Auckland (rural) Unit was completed. A new membership structure is under way and the injection we need in this area has been shot in. So now we just have to continue. The level of motivation for both Auckland and Hamilton was intensified and many said they felt a new power to work in this cause. nearly 1000 flyers were given out for distribution in AK and we have already been told members have started the delivery of these.

Our Auckland membership base is made up of a Variety of people and we are proud to have one of the only Nuclear Physicists in New Zealand now in our membership.

In other areas, flyers have been roped in Waimate this week end, posters have been done in Masterton and Levin (photos will be up soon).

Please look at our blogs for more information and pics.


Northern Wolves divisional meeting

A divisional meeting for the Northern Wolves was held on Saturday and we had a great turn out. A van-load of members consisting of the Hamilton and North Waikato units travelled up to Auckland to attend. The mood on the drive up was positive, and we were all confident that the meeting would go well. After a few problems with figuring out how to use the GPS we finally had picked up everyone and arrived at the destination.

By rough estimation, we had around 20 people in attendance - both RWR members and supporters. We spent some time getting to know each other, and then we had our first session. All present gathered to discuss the general Nationalist agenda. Given the sweltering heat & humidity, which was increased by so many bodies in a small room, we tried to get through it as quickly as possible. Again the general mood was positive, we discussed problems, potential and ideas on how to action various plans. We talked of the political climate vis-à-vis the current furore over the recent call to consider changing the New Zealand flag and the upcoming national elections. Also discussed was the White Pride, world wide day in Christchurch on the twenty-second of March. Many members have already booked flights/buses or otherwise indicated their attendance, so it is looking to be a good showing this year.
After a short break we held the RWR Northern Wolves divisional meeting. National co-ordinator Kyle Chapman was present and he congratulated Auckland member Rob for his achievements and encouraged the Auckland membership to keep in contact with each other, reiterating that if you want something to happen, you have to go out and do it. The meeting was a productive one, with reports on actions taken, initiatives formulated and new members sworn in.
Our division had three new units set up, and over the coming months, we confidently expect continued growth in those areas. These new units are sure to go from strength to strength and as Kyle pointed out, Auckland is the most endangered city in the country, with a huge influx of foreigners, whose third world behaviour and attitudes we saw in abundance on our way to the meeting. For that reason, Auckland is well and truly behind enemy lines. Our comrades there are more than up to the task of getting the message out there and disturbing the status quo. Hamilton is also shaping up as a good unit, and over the next few weeks we will be doing more pamphlet drops and posters being put up.
All in all, The Northern Wolves "pack" continues to grow every day, but for this growth to continue, we need to recall what we stand for. We are the Northern Wolves, and like the Waffen-SS Werwolves we fight behind enemy lines working to secure a bright future for our kith and kin. Like wolves we work as a team for the betterment of all, we all have a role to play and we must communicate with each other to socialise and organise our attacks as they do.
If we do that, there is nothing we cannot do! So rally round, take a stand, get active and play your part in the fight.
Hail Right Wing Resistance!
Hail Victory!
Hail New Zealand!

RWR Northern Wolves division 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

RWR NZ Nationwide action!

We are happy to report that RWR and our friends and family have been so active in the last couple of weeks hardly a day goes by that there has not been some action.

With now 10 MP offices being postered and thousands of flyers done around the country there is hardly a town in NZ that doesn't have someone willing to stand up for the flag.

We are working on this with vigor, despite the media ignoring the activism, we continue to report it ourselves through pro Nationalist media networks.

It is safe to say New Zealand Nationalists are among the most active in the world now.

The results are coming in.

Thanks to all who help out. There will be activity badges made up in the near future to acknowledge the work done by these.


Taranaki Action, great work guys.

Shane Arderns Office in Taranaki done last night.

New Zealand Nationalism


What does it mean to be a New Zealand Nationalist? There are some people who think being a Nationalist consists primarily of flag-waving, sports loving and shallow jingoism and parochialism.

New Zealanders are no exception, and in fact are often at the fore-front of this faux-Nationalism, this sham of an ideology.  Waving the flag , being a keen sports fan, by singing the national anthem, doing the Haka and by making foreigners at home and abroad aware that not only does New Zealand exist - but that it is the best country in the world and that all other countries cannot compete. No other country is as beautiful and on and on go the superlatives and aggrandizing over even the smallest achievement. Many Kiwis think that by these actions, they are proving their love for New Zealand and are therefore a Nationalist. But when you look at their ideas more closely, you see they are at best indifferent or at the worst  a globalist at heart

But Nationalism is very different to mere jingoism, or "my country is best!" It is the love of your country in spite of - and sometimes because of its flaws. It is a deep and abiding dedication to see your country grow, prosper and be peaceful.


The need for leadership and unity

Nationalism in New Zealand in general and White Nationalism in particular needs leadership, and good leadership too. But why do we need leaders?

It stands to reason that for any venture to succeed, two things must be present, leadership, and unity.

Unless there is strong, capable leadership, the followers will not have a rallying point, nor a figure in whom they can invest their energies. Without leaders a group is but a mob, and mobs do nothing constructive.

Likewise without unity (which can be formed under good leadership) a group falls to infighting due to competing ideas about the aims, goals and means of a group. Disunity can be exploited by enemies to destroy a group that may threaten it at the ballot or in the hearts, and the minds of the public. This is exactly the sort of thing we must strive to avoid even when someone's words or actions offend us, we should think not only of ourselves, but of the group. In their infancy, groups must do their utmost to ensure that personal squabbles do not spread, with both members trying to recruit comrades to "their side". In any group, be it a family or a factory, their must be no "sides" within, all are one.

We are in the middle of a culture war; the battle lines have been blurred and the fight takes place on many fields. In education, entertainment and the media we have been outflanked and we are outnumbered.

But! But. As Voltaire once said, God is not on the side of the big battalions, but of the best shots.* We may be out numbered, and we may not have the same opportunities as our foes, but we are all the more dedicated for it. We desire only the right to self determination for our people, the freedom of our lands from all interlopers and traitors. We would see our homelands strong and independent! My desire is Europe for Europeans, for Europeans to be able to celebrate their culture, enjoy their countries without interference from within or from abroad. And I also desire that Europeans living in former colonies have the right to maintain and practice their culture in what is for most of them the only homeland they know and want.

We have been European for millennia, as Europeans, we must unite. I truly believe that once a strong leader (or leaders) arises we can first stem, and then turn the tide. We MUST succeed, we CAN succeed!

So! To those of you who love your folk, your nation and your very blood I call you to solidarity! I am not a rabble-rouser,  but I feel compelled - for the sake of my folk to encourage you all in whatever small way I can. I can only hope that maybe these words will not have been typed in vain, and that someone out there will read them and be prompted to become a leader.

Every man, woman and child has the ability, nay the duty, to help his national comrades. Many a great leader of the past has emphasised the fact that when a people unite under a competent leader there is nothing they cannot do! History is full of examples of a people being seemingly irreversibly laid low, only for them to suddenly burst into new life with new-found vigour!
Within a New Zealand context, we must return to the idea of a bi-cultural nation. Many New Zealanders have mixed Maori and European heritage and the founding document of this country declared that its aim was to create a new land where two peoples worked together in peace to make a great nation. It did not intend separatism, or special benefits for one group and not the other.

Do not fear any oppression, take heart and carry on boldly! Never falter, never retreat and never surrender! They may oppress us, they may even murder us, but we will never surrender! Do not go on the defensive, but attack always. Counter every smear and accusation with the same. Question their claims, and expose their lies. But if met with violence or lies, slander or libel we will take appropriate action. Obstinate resistance will not avail the Marxists when White people of the world break the shackles and awaken into righteous anger. Our nations will be restored one way or another.
I must most emphatically state that we do not wish to kill any innocents for whatever reason. White Nationalism will be - and indeed is now dedicated to halting the slow, cunning and pernicious genocide against the White Peoples. We are not being rounded up and done away with violently, but we are being crowded out of our towns and cities, we are being subjected to propaganda encouraging us to limit our numbers. Abortion and the promotion of homosexuality and race-mixing being the main ways that our enemies are incrementally destroying the White races. Every nation (whether in possession of a state or not) has the right to exist as a separate, distinct group. From the remotest Papua New Guinea jungle tribes to the Inuit, every culture and race is worthy of preservation. Humanity is a wonderfully diverse species, and the loss of that diversity is something I oppose. Just as equally, I believe that a nation-state must be strong, and so far as is possible independent. The nation must own the means of production - electric generation, minerals, land not privately owned and anything of national significance should be held in trust by the government. National's drive to partially sell off the state assets is so blatantly against the interests of New Zealand, that even Party members oppose it. The citizens initiated referendum that was overwhelmingly against it has been ignored with cavalier arrogance by the Prime Minister, whose final loyalty lies outside of New Zealand.  
His anti-Nationalism has been further demonstrated by his recent remark that he would like to see a discussion about changing the flag. Thousands of New Zealand men and women have served under that flag putting their lives on the line in war and through going to dangerous natural disaster areas throughout the world. Many of them did not return, falling in the line of duty to fight for that flag and everything it stands for. To change the flag, would be an insult to the memories of those who fell and an attempt to deny an important part of New Zealand's identity. I am proud to say that we at RWR are firmly opposing this latest assault on the flag. 

Our enemies laugh now, they discredit us as deluded adherents of a dead ideology. Our enemies believe that the future of Europe and white founded nations is one in which we are minorities in our own lands, where all manner of perversions are touted as being equal to heterosexual monogamy. They would take away all privacy, and everything you said, did or even thought could be used against you. We see this already when a public figure has their private life used to silence them if it suits the people in control. That is why a leader must be purer than the driven snow. Even the slightest indiscretion can and will be used to attack an enemy.

If you do not wish to see this become reality then you know what you must do, for if the worst comes to pass could you live with yourself knowing you might have prevented it? If however the crimes of this age aren't apparent to you, continue watching Hollywood films, and mass media on the TV, secure in your torpor.
And finally, if you must ask who is leading the attack on White people, you're not ready to be told.


*Dieu n'est pas du côté des gros bataillons, mais du côté de ceux qui tirent le mieux.

White Unity Tshirt ready this week. $25

Northern Wolves T-shirts Ready this week

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Auckland and the frontline of invasion.

As we prepare for next weeks Auckland meeting its good to reflect on the up and down nature of the Auckland White Nationalist movement.

Over the years there have been some great active leadership in Auckland that brought about a strong following. At one time the Auckland National Front had the strongest branch in New Zealand. At other times there have been groups in Auckland with good numbers and a strong footing in their areas.

So why the down time? Unfortunately life becomes the issue. There is always a turnover of people in active organisations, some get pressure from wives and family to be less involved, some have work commitments, some burn out as they go too hard out in a short amount of time and some are just soft and can't handle the jandle.

When the leadership fades so does the membership. A good leader can hold onto a branch and just keep it going. A great leader can expand, get regular action going and create a movement people are attracted to. A great leader pushes the boundaries and shows his people that some self sacrifice is needed and how important our movement is. When people are dedicated less things bother them. They are more willing to cope with some bad media (an essential part of fighting a system supported by globalist media networks who hate Nationalism) or a few pathetic txt threats phones calls and negative emails.

For some of us if we are not getting the negative feedback from our political enemies (including the media) then we are not doing a good enough job. We must provoke our enemy to prove how hypocritical they are and how low they will go in trying to destroy our freedom and stop our progress.

At the end of the day we are looking for strong people who have a focus type character. In a city with nearly 2 million people (with nearly a Million white people, surely there are a few more like minded folk then many would say. In Fact I suspect there is a large number of people who bite their tongue when they see Manukau Mall, the Center City or many of the smaller shopping centers overwhelmed with Foreign immigrants speaking a large variety of languages but rarely English. Maybe its the people stuck in rental property because Asian property investment and immigration has pushed up the price of a house beyond the reach of many working class families. Or maybe even more serious is the safety of those in South Auckland and other areas so overwhelmed with third world immigration that its now unsafe to walk the streets. Surely some of these people are hardening to the shame based propaganda that keeps their mouths shut and made them scared to speak out.

We would recommend people look into detroit, or the overwhelmed cities in France, Belgium and England to see how bad too many non European Immigrants can get. Auckland is going down this downward trend along with many key European colonised or Continental Cities.

In Auckland you notice areas with larger numbers of one culture than others, some are Indian, some Chinese, some Muslim. All carving their place into the New Zealand landscape, all a threat, and each present themselves in a different way. But ultimately they all dilute New Zealand cultural growth and self determination.

Many New Zealand cities are affected by Chinese mass immigration, but its most obvious in Auckland. Even their mayor has sucombed to low morals from the asian east. A culture full of corruption scandals and deceit. Mayor Len couldn't keep it in his pants and he not only nearly lost his family but also his job. The person behind it is what we believe to be a Chinese Government agitator. She has played with politics and media for a few years. She has got into the bed of a major player and she has damaged the credibility and character of the Mayor of New Zealand's largest city. This issue alone will be rousing some suspicions and concern among the Auckland New Zealand population, surely...

China is a threat. They target port cities and trading centers for take over. Only a blind idiot would not see it, so what does that say about the sheeple in New Zealand and the politicians, either the Government is in on it or they are so stupid they shouldn't be allowed to have their jobs.

Its time to move in the north, we proclaim it the "Northern Front". We will be the underground resistance in some regards, but also we declare we will build a true protest movement there to fight the multicultural tools that will destroy our Nation along with the corrupt, greedy people bent on selling us out to the most evil global empire on earth (China). This is why we have created the Northern Wolves Division.

New Zealand First is now infiltrated by communists, and is adopting more and more Political Correct ideas to appease its growing left membership, The Conservative party may have some good points but they suck up to pro asian capitalists and are just another tool to split the conservative patriot vote.

Join the Resistance! Take your place in the only movement that can make a difference...

Kyle Chapman

Prime Minister John Key, do you ever go to your Office?

Great work once again in Auckland. Targeting John Keys Office.
The activist noted high security in place. But succeeded in completing some posters and delivering some flyers to the PM.
We now have to think will he listen? Does he ever?

National and Labour have agendas that they impose onto New Zealand. Its time to vote them out.

Our people in Auckland also re did the other MPs office. Just to make sure he got the message.

Thank you to all our people doing work for our flag across the country.

Friday, February 14, 2014

WPWW Day coming up fast

Just over a month away now for WPWW day.
22, March 2014


All are welcome, we hope to create a good standard this year. Its the five year event for WPWW day marches and the RWR NZ anniversary.

The feature event will be the anniversary party afterwards.

We will continue with our pro NZ Flag actions, but now are going to crank up our WPWW flyer distribution.

We are wanting white pride related articles now. Send them in.

Officer Manual under way.

We are now working on an officer manual for all our officers world wide. We will be adding in ideas for action, how to run meetings, training ideas and practical points for many possibilities.

These will be for sale to other orgs and people when they are completed. Anyone who helps with the book and their material is used will get a free copy.

It will be in stages, things we expect our officers to read, a section for novices, an advanced section for those who want to take things to a new level and maybe a section on stories of good leadership in action.

We want this to be comprehensive and useful to our movement.

It will be followed by a general booklet for a starter pack for new people.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another by Garth (guest writer)

the problem is there is no multiculture ,  their has to be one culture , which at present is british,
its a lie that their is multi culture   , just because a chinese or indian wears a pair of jeans , hes not american
indian culture goes back thousands of years, same with chinese 
, all they do  is come here and form their own communities,  and obey the ruling community been english , if their communities get  bigger than the english communities then 
 they take over government 
then we come under their culture, most of these cultures like chinese and muslim have never experienced democracy , so they still have cruel governments ,
 new zealand and australia  have gone through 200 years of economic and social changes its in our blood they haven't , so we could go back to dictatorship in nz,
indian culture still revolves around the caste system , if you use your hands in nz  you are a low caste,
you never see the indians coming here do any physical work, and in india men eat at the table first then women,
just because they have spent a few years getting  a degree in some subject doesn't mean they have any idea of our 200 years of changes in our british blood.
 one community must dominate, 
first i would try and slow down immigration
i think you could get the chinese on side if their are a lot of indians or muslims coming in
the chinese don't like indians and vise-versa  this is one of their weaknesses
try and slow down immigration of asian and muslim people
try and increase immigration of from similar cultures likes britian , germany etc
else if the asians get bigger than the kiwis it could be to late
you have 4 billion people in the world getting less than $200 a month 
the immigration just can't let anyone in
i like what you say about respecting our own culture,
imagine if  300 million chinese moved in india it would be a blood bath
or vis versa  the nz and australian governments are sort of traitors really
for what they are doing

Email Writer

 I would like your readers to ask themselves does a bit of paper  make you a citizen of nz
if you give a white kiwi a indian citizenship  , will the indians except him as indian ,
 no way, if you give a white kiwi a chinese citizenship does he become chinese , no way,
so why does the government bulshit us these people are suddenly nz citizens

Why doesn't the government protect our white culture, these asian countries protect their culture

White culture brought in the modern world

I respect other cultures ,but mixed marriages mostly don't work because cultures run deep
so its always going to be us and them.
Indians would say the same about them  and chinese while there is wealthy asians most are on low wages.
Do we want to become a another battling asian country controlled by a dictatorship?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Action coming up in New Plymouth and Wanganui

We have heard these areas will be active soon.
Looking forward to it.

More action in the North

Great work, the first to act in Auckland. Thanks Rob

Monday, February 10, 2014

NF action for Flag

I have heard from NF members who have been out doing posters in Wellington and Blenheim. Great work guys. Vince and Jamie are great men who are among the senior members of NF and who have lead these campaigns. This move by the Government to try and destroy our Nations Historical flag has brought our orgs closer and given us a joint venture once again.

Labour weekend we will once again stand together at flag day for a glorious march in the Capital to show we will not bow down.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


The leader makes things happen, if need be he does it himself. The soldier waits for the leader to show him what to do, If you sit back and act like a soldier no one will see you as a leader.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Huntly Action

Cheers to Shane in Huntly for these pics of his daylight poster action in Huntly.

Group targets Timaru for white recruits

More media

It must be noted that the reporter lied about our people not wanting to be named, they named me and our Unit leader in Timaru phoned them and gave his name and number and they took them and hung up with no interest to interview him. 

In the Editorial, they say it was the Multicultural people who would not want to be named. So they changed their story... Typical print media from Foreign owned fairfax.

After these biased and totally missing the point on the issue are read you see why we must do what we do and word things the way we do. 

More action in the North

MP office in Pukekohe was plastered tonight along with other buildings in their town, including the local news paper.
Great work guys...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

More action in Christchurch

A team of us went out tonight and posted up on two more National MPs offices. We will start on Labour MPs next. We also postered a lot of other things and we have noticed our posters from earlier in the week are staying up. Even the buss stop ones.

Nicki Wagner and David Carter. Even though they are too blind to see the resistance growing around them, maybe some other people will see the action and get on side with us.

As some public have said to us while we do the flyers, even if they don't care about the flag either way they think its another big wast of money to try and change it when there is so many other things in this country that NEED ATTENTION.

When will National and Labour listen to the people?

We are very proud of our Mother chapter and the action they are doing to fight for our flag our nation, our heritage and our people. The other towns and cities too are now getting right behind this. Masterton, Oamaru, Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland (North, West and South), Huntly, Dunedin, Timaru, Wanganui, Stratford, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Opotiki, Blenheim, Hutt Valley, Far North, South Waikato, Ashburton,  Levin, Hawkes Bay, and the long named towns that I couldnt remember their names. RWR members and NF members are working side by side in some areas.

Thanks everyone who do action. Glorious Resistance!

RWR NZ has become the most active political group in New Zealand. We will continue. Our members are becoming veteran activists, some of our members in their 20s have more experience in the few years of activism then some main stream old time members who have been at it 20 + years.

We have many plans this year. we know our days of free expression are coming to an end and we intend to make full of it while its there. There are many great things ahead....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

War against National continues

Greetings folk

Our ongoing campaign to shame National for their continued traitorous acts have gained some media in Oamaru. Our active unit there has once again lead the way for media on an issue. Once again it is lefty dribble, but it is media non the less and all cover brings support and wakes up a few more sheep to the blight of the current global agenda.

We urge all Nationalists in New Zealand to make the stand. Its a move that will be remembered. Your time counts for something.
"If you fight you may loose, but if you don't fight you already lost". Resistance is the key to change. The National Front and ATB are active in this fight. Its a unifying issue.

A unity Tshirt design is in the print shop now and will be ready by WPWW day. Also some other murch designed for flag day.

We have material that can be used and even now a flyer fund to send them out.

All donations welcome, all action encouraged, all support appreciated.

We will continue to have reports and articles up on our website.  

Also we will soon have a new blog up for the South Island media team.

All local reports and news from a Nationalist perspective is welcome. We have editors now to take care of the semi illiterate like myself. lol.

Be part of it, get involved.

I know its a slim chance in frozen hell, but is there anyone willing to stand under an immigration party logo separate from other orgs? There are people wanting to make this move atm.

RWR Head Office

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Masterton got great cover.

RWR Masterton paper article

Unlike many news papers that attack us with unfair and biased bullshit, this story is in good ballance.
Great work to this paper the reporter and to our Brother Vaughn who sticks his neck out for the cause.

Need information.about MPs

One of our projects this year is to find out about MPs who have a conflict of interest in their job as a Government representative. Also any with a scummy back ground.

If anyone has information on such let us know, we want to target low character MPs of any party for protest action.

Already we have found MPs who use their position to help their business, including John Key, he has been caught a couple of times playing with policies that affect his investment portfolio, how corrupt is that!
Remember Hellen Clark got away a fraud, signing a painting she never did, and pretending not to be gay lol.
Well there is more to come, time to rake out the trash.

Research welcome...

All information needs to have a source. All information will be used at a time deemed appropriate, such as elections and when these MPs pretend to be all righteous. Bring the dark into the light and watch it wither away...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Latest action to fight for our Flag

A successful day with action in Christchurch and Masterton.

In Christchurch RWR activists did a 1000 flyers in Gerry Brownlees electorate, put up around fifty posters denouncing the move by his government to push for a flag change.

Gerry Brownlee is a real puppet of the Global agenda. He is behind draconian laws passed after the CHCH earthquake that took away many of our rights when dealing with police aggression, allowing them to search without warrants and to take people without charge. He has been instrumental in the do nothing about CHCH philosophy, and is in general a typical prick when it comes to peoples health and welfare caring more for his big wod of cash he makes then ever doing anything for real people.

Gerry is John Keys number two and is just as careless as Key when laughing about serious issues to the media, showing how much they don't care.

Gerrys office in CHCH got postered (he will probably never see it since he is more into doing National party things then electorate things)

Great job CHCH RWR.

Also once again a great job by Masterton RWR doing another poster campaign in their town including the local MP office who is bailing out of office after milking it for all its worth.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Importance of Resistance

The current status quo of New Zealand government is not working for the European New
Zealander. We have reached a stalemate where National and Labour no
longer support their own countrymen and have both sold us out to
China.our workforce is undermined in a pincer attack aimed not only at
opening free trade with foreign governments but also by opening the
floodgates to immigrants from Asia and Polynesia.

The great names of New Zealand industry; Swandri, Bata and countless others have sold out to the Kiwi working man, and those kiwi icons are made by
an inferior workforce in China. Too much emphasis is put on tourism and
promoting our country to foreign investment. A false jingoism is
being promoted on the government controlled media and there is an
insanity that we as New Zealanders are hiding our heads in the sand

New Zealand awake!!!! Stop encouraging
these cowards of politicians, these traitors to our land. There is still
time enough to stop the decay. There are the three strata of
people . The patriot, the lukewarm and the out-and-out traitor,We
can not move or change the traitor but we can do our utmost to awaken
and inspire the lukewarm by resistance to the traitorous government,
by challenging their lies and by unity and loyalty to each other.

Hail victory! Hail the Resistance!

Steve Weir
Oamaru RWR