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14 words
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another by Garth (guest writer)

the problem is there is no multiculture ,  their has to be one culture , which at present is british,
its a lie that their is multi culture   , just because a chinese or indian wears a pair of jeans , hes not american
indian culture goes back thousands of years, same with chinese 
, all they do  is come here and form their own communities,  and obey the ruling community been english , if their communities get  bigger than the english communities then 
 they take over government 
then we come under their culture, most of these cultures like chinese and muslim have never experienced democracy , so they still have cruel governments ,
 new zealand and australia  have gone through 200 years of economic and social changes its in our blood they haven't , so we could go back to dictatorship in nz,
indian culture still revolves around the caste system , if you use your hands in nz  you are a low caste,
you never see the indians coming here do any physical work, and in india men eat at the table first then women,
just because they have spent a few years getting  a degree in some subject doesn't mean they have any idea of our 200 years of changes in our british blood.
 one community must dominate, 
first i would try and slow down immigration
i think you could get the chinese on side if their are a lot of indians or muslims coming in
the chinese don't like indians and vise-versa  this is one of their weaknesses
try and slow down immigration of asian and muslim people
try and increase immigration of from similar cultures likes britian , germany etc
else if the asians get bigger than the kiwis it could be to late
you have 4 billion people in the world getting less than $200 a month 
the immigration just can't let anyone in
i like what you say about respecting our own culture,
imagine if  300 million chinese moved in india it would be a blood bath
or vis versa  the nz and australian governments are sort of traitors really
for what they are doing

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