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14 words
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Latest action to fight for our Flag

A successful day with action in Christchurch and Masterton.

In Christchurch RWR activists did a 1000 flyers in Gerry Brownlees electorate, put up around fifty posters denouncing the move by his government to push for a flag change.

Gerry Brownlee is a real puppet of the Global agenda. He is behind draconian laws passed after the CHCH earthquake that took away many of our rights when dealing with police aggression, allowing them to search without warrants and to take people without charge. He has been instrumental in the do nothing about CHCH philosophy, and is in general a typical prick when it comes to peoples health and welfare caring more for his big wod of cash he makes then ever doing anything for real people.

Gerry is John Keys number two and is just as careless as Key when laughing about serious issues to the media, showing how much they don't care.

Gerrys office in CHCH got postered (he will probably never see it since he is more into doing National party things then electorate things)

Great job CHCH RWR.

Also once again a great job by Masterton RWR doing another poster campaign in their town including the local MP office who is bailing out of office after milking it for all its worth.

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