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14 words
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

More action in Christchurch

A team of us went out tonight and posted up on two more National MPs offices. We will start on Labour MPs next. We also postered a lot of other things and we have noticed our posters from earlier in the week are staying up. Even the buss stop ones.

Nicki Wagner and David Carter. Even though they are too blind to see the resistance growing around them, maybe some other people will see the action and get on side with us.

As some public have said to us while we do the flyers, even if they don't care about the flag either way they think its another big wast of money to try and change it when there is so many other things in this country that NEED ATTENTION.

When will National and Labour listen to the people?

We are very proud of our Mother chapter and the action they are doing to fight for our flag our nation, our heritage and our people. The other towns and cities too are now getting right behind this. Masterton, Oamaru, Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland (North, West and South), Huntly, Dunedin, Timaru, Wanganui, Stratford, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Opotiki, Blenheim, Hutt Valley, Far North, South Waikato, Ashburton,  Levin, Hawkes Bay, and the long named towns that I couldnt remember their names. RWR members and NF members are working side by side in some areas.

Thanks everyone who do action. Glorious Resistance!

RWR NZ has become the most active political group in New Zealand. We will continue. Our members are becoming veteran activists, some of our members in their 20s have more experience in the few years of activism then some main stream old time members who have been at it 20 + years.

We have many plans this year. we know our days of free expression are coming to an end and we intend to make full of it while its there. There are many great things ahead....

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