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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Northern Wolves divisional meeting

A divisional meeting for the Northern Wolves was held on Saturday and we had a great turn out. A van-load of members consisting of the Hamilton and North Waikato units travelled up to Auckland to attend. The mood on the drive up was positive, and we were all confident that the meeting would go well. After a few problems with figuring out how to use the GPS we finally had picked up everyone and arrived at the destination.

By rough estimation, we had around 20 people in attendance - both RWR members and supporters. We spent some time getting to know each other, and then we had our first session. All present gathered to discuss the general Nationalist agenda. Given the sweltering heat & humidity, which was increased by so many bodies in a small room, we tried to get through it as quickly as possible. Again the general mood was positive, we discussed problems, potential and ideas on how to action various plans. We talked of the political climate vis-à-vis the current furore over the recent call to consider changing the New Zealand flag and the upcoming national elections. Also discussed was the White Pride, world wide day in Christchurch on the twenty-second of March. Many members have already booked flights/buses or otherwise indicated their attendance, so it is looking to be a good showing this year.
After a short break we held the RWR Northern Wolves divisional meeting. National co-ordinator Kyle Chapman was present and he congratulated Auckland member Rob for his achievements and encouraged the Auckland membership to keep in contact with each other, reiterating that if you want something to happen, you have to go out and do it. The meeting was a productive one, with reports on actions taken, initiatives formulated and new members sworn in.
Our division had three new units set up, and over the coming months, we confidently expect continued growth in those areas. These new units are sure to go from strength to strength and as Kyle pointed out, Auckland is the most endangered city in the country, with a huge influx of foreigners, whose third world behaviour and attitudes we saw in abundance on our way to the meeting. For that reason, Auckland is well and truly behind enemy lines. Our comrades there are more than up to the task of getting the message out there and disturbing the status quo. Hamilton is also shaping up as a good unit, and over the next few weeks we will be doing more pamphlet drops and posters being put up.
All in all, The Northern Wolves "pack" continues to grow every day, but for this growth to continue, we need to recall what we stand for. We are the Northern Wolves, and like the Waffen-SS Werwolves we fight behind enemy lines working to secure a bright future for our kith and kin. Like wolves we work as a team for the betterment of all, we all have a role to play and we must communicate with each other to socialise and organise our attacks as they do.
If we do that, there is nothing we cannot do! So rally round, take a stand, get active and play your part in the fight.
Hail Right Wing Resistance!
Hail Victory!
Hail New Zealand!

RWR Northern Wolves division 2014

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