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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Importance of Resistance

The current status quo of New Zealand government is not working for the European New
Zealander. We have reached a stalemate where National and Labour no
longer support their own countrymen and have both sold us out to
China.our workforce is undermined in a pincer attack aimed not only at
opening free trade with foreign governments but also by opening the
floodgates to immigrants from Asia and Polynesia.

The great names of New Zealand industry; Swandri, Bata and countless others have sold out to the Kiwi working man, and those kiwi icons are made by
an inferior workforce in China. Too much emphasis is put on tourism and
promoting our country to foreign investment. A false jingoism is
being promoted on the government controlled media and there is an
insanity that we as New Zealanders are hiding our heads in the sand

New Zealand awake!!!! Stop encouraging
these cowards of politicians, these traitors to our land. There is still
time enough to stop the decay. There are the three strata of
people . The patriot, the lukewarm and the out-and-out traitor,We
can not move or change the traitor but we can do our utmost to awaken
and inspire the lukewarm by resistance to the traitorous government,
by challenging their lies and by unity and loyalty to each other.

Hail victory! Hail the Resistance!

Steve Weir
Oamaru RWR

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  1. Well said brother hearing the news today that 100 Syrian refugees are soon to arrive on our shores no doubt they head to the front of the line then with the help of liberal do gooders they then apply for there extended families uncles unties cousins...they assure us that they will be screened background checks...bullshit Islam is a scurge on our White anglo saxon heretige..when Islam is a minority they say we are peaceful..when there numbers grow they cry out for their Rights..when they become the Majority they scream islam our else behead those who insult Islam..sandniggers go home your not wanted