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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

War against National continues

Greetings folk

Our ongoing campaign to shame National for their continued traitorous acts have gained some media in Oamaru. Our active unit there has once again lead the way for media on an issue. Once again it is lefty dribble, but it is media non the less and all cover brings support and wakes up a few more sheep to the blight of the current global agenda.

We urge all Nationalists in New Zealand to make the stand. Its a move that will be remembered. Your time counts for something.
"If you fight you may loose, but if you don't fight you already lost". Resistance is the key to change. The National Front and ATB are active in this fight. Its a unifying issue.

A unity Tshirt design is in the print shop now and will be ready by WPWW day. Also some other murch designed for flag day.

We have material that can be used and even now a flyer fund to send them out.

All donations welcome, all action encouraged, all support appreciated.

We will continue to have reports and articles up on our website.  

Also we will soon have a new blog up for the South Island media team.

All local reports and news from a Nationalist perspective is welcome. We have editors now to take care of the semi illiterate like myself. lol.

Be part of it, get involved.

I know its a slim chance in frozen hell, but is there anyone willing to stand under an immigration party logo separate from other orgs? There are people wanting to make this move atm.

RWR Head Office

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