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Monday, March 24, 2014

A brief word on White pride day '14 & a response to leftists veiws on same.

This weekend was the fifth White Pride day held in Christchurch, and also the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Right Wing Resistance.

This was my first White Pride day and it was a real eye opener. From the sense of camaraderie of our RWR members and the regretful displays of swastikas, drunkenness and thuggish behaviour etc. from our erstwhile allies from other groups and of course the anti-white counter protesters.

The numbers were lower than I personally would have liked, but then it is a rare person who is willing to stand up and risk public opprobrium for their views, and a sad fact is many of our members simply cannot afford to travel all the way to Christchurch. Regardless, we had at least 50 members, and those that could make it were quality (sadly Northern Wolves divisional commander Shane, and Hamilton unit leader John were thwarted at the last minute by mechanical troubles).

The march itself was a good one, the leftists were as incoherent and bizarre as you might expect. Their ridiculous chants of "Refugees are welcome; racists are not!" and " Immigrants are welcome; racists are not!" while simple and easy to remember (always important for simple-minded fools) can be easily refuted. Their signs showed a complete lack of understanding about who we are and what we are about. The appearance of the black and red of the far left Antifa group and of at least two Mana party supporters shows that our opposition is backed by an ideology that has the highest body count in history and by hypocrites who support Maori promoting and protecting their heritage (and even gaining special rights) but condemn us for simply saying "I am proud of my heritage and want to see it continue."

Looking at the Facebook page they used to promote their demonstration, they think they have won simply because they had more than we did. Well, that may be so, but since when did numbers decide who was right?  Argumentum ad populum was far from the only logical fallacy on display. One poster thought she would be clever and offer up what she thought was a hard hitting satire of Kyles' report.

In reality, it was nothing but an argumentum ad hominem. Rather than try and refute the issues, she chose to insult Kyle based on his less than perfect spelling and grammar and cast aspersions on his intellect, bravery, sexual orientation and mental health. 

As unsurprising as all that is, being right out of the Frankfurt Schools' play-book, I would have thought a leftie would have somewhat more compassion for the less intelligent, homosexuals and the mentally ill. Her use of them as a punchline to try and mock her opponents rather disgusted me.

To anyone from the counter demonstration who may be reading this, if ever you grow up and start thinking for yourself and see the reality, feel free to give us a call.

Look for a more in depth report soon.

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  1. People get an idea in their heads as to what certain things stand for, You can't change the way people think but by informing them is an excellent start, getting them to listen is tricky, can't teach an old dog new tricks, so to speak. Sounds like it was peaceful and as always the odd ones ruin it for the rest. Well done on turning up and getting this info out