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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hamilton Anti-TPPA demonstration

This nationwide campaign of demonstrations, led by Greenpeace and attended by Mana, Labour, Green and Maori party supporters was nothing short of a shamble in Hamilton.

An assortment of old-fashioned Hippies, young Neo-Commies and middle aged Champagne Socialists put on a display of terrible "music" and "poetry" punctuated by impassioned but rambling and forgettable speeches decrying the TPPA.

I was on hand to take some close up pictures with my phone, and I was astounded to see a man bearing a red flag of some Socialist group, so I decided to try and take a picture of said flag. At which point, he asked me if I were with "them" - meaning Kyle and other RWR supporters. When I said that I was, he called me a fascist and demanded that I not take his picture - and then a Mana flag waving woman joined in by telling me " Go away, you Nazi!" He then proceeded to attempt to take my phone, shouting " I'm going to smash that f-ing phone!" he gave me a few shoves, and grabbed at my phone but I stood my ground. I wasn't about to be intimidated by the likes of him.

Having done what I'd gone for I withdrew, but not before giving the pair of them a two finger salute.

Ecce Homo!  (Behold the man or look at the homo if you like)

Now, the flag he was carrying looks like this -

Which is the logo of the Committee for a Workers International, a far-left, unashamedly Trotskyist organisation. No wonder then that he acted the way he did. I also noticed that his shirt depicted and bore the words "Free Teina" referring to Teina Pora, the twice convicted Rapist and Murderer of Susan Burdett. As you can see in the photo, Mana seems to be very much in league with him and his group.

Amongst all the main body of protesters, we saw not a single New Zealand flag, which is odd since New Zealand sovereignty is what protesting the TPPA is about. We saw the above flag, Mana flags, Green flags and the Maori sovereignty flag though.

It was only RWR that flew the flag of this nation, the lefties seemingly don't care for it.

This double sided sign is 100% accurate, but what they don't realise is that they support the very same people who are behind this trade agreement through their support of mass immigration and Multiculturalism.

 I would estimate that about 100 people attended, with a severe drop off in numbers towards the end.

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