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Monday, March 24, 2014


Greetings All

RWR NZ will be doing some new initiatives this year.
One of them is going to be to stand alone, we no longer see Alliances as being productive for our people. It seems to bog us down in drama. We want all our energy to go into our plans of activism.
ACTION is the key to everything. It is the only thing that works, we will use our resources for our projects and our initiates only from now on. As an organisation we will no longer support or promote anything anyone else is doing. We have been betrayed by those we have helped too many times.

We will only work with individuals and crews that help us promote our material. These people will share in our advance of productivity...

Good people in other orgs that would like to be fully active are welcome to come and help us. Just as there will be RWR members who personally support some other orgs projects. Thats great.

We have had so much bleating and negativity from people who complain about our image and such, well to those we say, go and make something else happen and stop dragging us into the negativity.

For those who back stab us and moan about us, all I can say is, I only respect what active people say. At the end of the day only ACTIVE people matter in this movement. By active I mean either show up or help fund the show.

We have learnt we can only trust our own members now.

Any RWR members that don't want to be active, don't really want to be RWR so Id recommend you join one of the groups that do what you like to do.

We wish everyone well, and hope to see action from all orgs in future.

Kyle Chapman
RWR NZ Director

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