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Sunday, March 23, 2014

WPWW Day Report

I could almost say it was the best WPWW Day we have ever had and a perfect Protest.

We heard that the lefties had some student support this year and that they may get some big numbers, so we played some games with them and it worked. They thought we were going to New Brighton Mall. So many of them went there. Only less than a Hundred showed up in town, so they must not have had the bus fares into town.

Perfect number of counter protesters. It was very entertaining, their leader was some sort of transvestite named Thomas lol. They were an untidy mob of Marxists and other communists, feminists, homosexuals and mental patients (many were a mix of these). One of the Asians there had white make up on, glasses to try and hide her eyes and blonded hair, a prime example of how multicultural destroys culture. She had abandoned her identity for a trend.

Our Marches went great, the one on the way back was the most interesting. The left wingers once again tried to stop our freedom of movement by blocking the footpaths and disrupting our lines, once again the police didn't have the manpower to keep it controlled so a bit of push and shove was going on. It was a great stress relief.

They kept chanting some moronic slogans that I can't remember now. We chanted back, "stop hating white people" which then shut them up. Every time they started debates they couldn't follow through like usual as they have no foundation to their ideals. They do the typical rants and abuse when ever you tell them the facts. We reminded them they serve globalization by supporting Multicultural agendas, I suspect they know that and are too far into their self imposed lies to go back now. 

It will be the last Multi Organisational WPWW Day will be hosting. We have other plans for WPWW Days in future across many cities. The flyer drops and actions we did before the event was very successful and showed us that information going around the media is more effective as so many people now see the media as foreign owned liars, more and more are open to seeking the truth from people themselves.

Thank you to all who came and supported the event. We appreciate it, and hope Christchurch can still host events of this type. RWR NZ is about pushing boundaries and having stagnant events over and over again isn't doing that. So every year new initiatives and events will be done. We will show people why we are proud to be white. How our minds can keep inventing new things and making things better and better. 

Look at the lefties, I'm sure the one in the front is Karl Marx, ones pointing the finger to the pub like Lenin used to. A few of them close up you can see their eyes glassed over from psych medicine. 

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