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14 words
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Helping Homeless annoys the left wing.

Over the last few weeks a left wing agitator has been trying to cause problems for me by pretending to be a Nationalist emailing people saying I'm a traitor etc.

I suspect this is the same person who has phoned me threatening to kill my wife and children.

This person has also been taking photos of me and sending them to the media of my involvement in charity work in Hamilton when I am visiting there. I am looking at moving to Hamilton full time by the end of this year. I suspect they got the Labour Office on board because they are a bit witless in regards to the facts of life.

The Hamilton City council is very anti the work done with the Homeless. They started making problems right from the start. So now they use their puppets in Fairfax run newspaper waikato times and the MP for Labours Office (Sue Moroney) to sabotage this work because of my political affiliations. Instead of helping people these groups seem intent on destroying the daily help the Hamilton Homeless Organisation does for the homeless and low income people of Hamilton.

This has got to be the worst conspiracy I have seen in real life. The behind the scenes interference from multiple organisations, including church groups who announced to the homeless that we are white supremacists and have even threatened some homeless that if they eat with HH they can not eat with them (great christian spirit there ah).

I am shocked at how evil the system has become, it feeds all them people who hate the system even more and it even shows established religions working with the status quo against legitimate work of support for the needy, a fundamental action that Christians and any decent human being should be part of.

They will not stop my involvement in helping people. It is who I am and what I am about, i've seen hypocritical left wing activists who love to shout out all the evil vile accusations under the sun then do nothing to actually improve the world.

I invite any good person or anyone trying to be, to come down and help people, see how good it is for the spirit. Charity work is not only great for the people of our community, it is also great for the individuals progress in this world.

The system hates good, so they do all sorts of lies and evil to stop it. Anyone working with these orgs is tarnished by their leaders evil works.

Anyone who wants to know the real story, meet me at the coal face serving the people in this city.
Kyle Chapman