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14 words
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Proactive Action Drive

Right Wing Resistance
Proactive Action Drive

The “Resistance”, and community action plans.

Many of us are tired of the hate group image. It’s bad enough that the media and the system see us as a hate group, but to have our own people stuck in these negative stereotypes is a big draw back for our whole movement.
We are about our Nation and our Culture. We must be proactive in both. The media hates us, the left wing hate us. But the people in general are either indifferent or swaying toward disliking us. We must win back the people without the media and work with anyone who is being positive. If they are not willing to work with us we set up things ourselves. Feeding low income people is the best way to help the people.

The best way to resist the Global system and the bad management of banker oriented financial worshipers is to create and help community projects that are aimed at helping low income people.

We must make a stand, that we are against the government and their bad management and that we are good people who want to help our community regardless of what the lying media say we are. The media will always hate us and show us as the bad guys. Its time to just go around them and do good and to create community action plans.

Please read our purpose statement (One of our foundation documents). It has already got such ideas in it but we have been slow to initiate this kind of community spirit.

We will be supporting a poverty watch programme to keep an eye on the government, including councils.

We will bring information to light about corruption and openly evil tactics the New World Order is imposing on us.

Do Flyers and posters based on community and proactive initiatives.

Openly recruit other non political and anti government people to help us.

Be willing to work with people of other ideologies who are willing to work with us.

Volunteer with current community projects.

Continue with community patrols, with a focus to protect the community.

Continue with our Land base plans.
As an org we have gone through a lot in our five years, its time to make good on what we are about.
We are now our own org and not influenced by the groaning of other groups who are full of haters. We are free to become something more creative and far more productive. Nationalist groups in Italy, Greece, UK, Sweden and others are already doing this. We are the good guys, so let’s prove it.

I promise you my brothers and sisters that by doing this you will get the most satisfying results in your life and your own personal progress in this world will be significantly better. I have experienced this many times in my own life. As a leader Iv let my own bitter feelings for the system the media and the irrational left wingers we clash with get to me. It has driven me to be a more negative person than I would like to be. Doing community projects has brought out a love of my country that was becoming dormant.

Role up your sleeves with me and let’s get this done.