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Peter Kramer
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14 words
We do for the love of our people.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Community Action Update

It is great to report that things are going well with a number of projects now. Thank you to the people who have got on board with this on going solution based project.
We lost a couple of members who are not interested in helping with these projects, and that's all good, they are doing their own thing.
I am in this for real. I am not a hater, I care about my country my community and my family. I am willing to look at real options to create good in our society, to protect our rights to feed people, care for people. work in our community. Everyone who has been in RWR NZ for a while knows that i am community oriented, that's why we do the patrols, why we gave out food and water after earthquakes, and why we now we feed the hungry.
We see the Government as Globalist money and power hungry people who do NOT care for people.
Looking after the people is resistance against selfish greedy people who use the suffering of others to get what they want.
We are the good guys. Where are the political parties when we are on the streets helping people?
Even the ones who claim to represent the poor are too busy hating on us then to come down and feed people.
Nationalism is caring about our country, our Nations people. It is a foundation of Love, not hate, it is spiritual, and a natural truth to care for our culture and to want the best for the land we live in.
Kyle Chapman

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