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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Governments serves the world, while NZ hurts.

People are suffering in NZ and yet the Government still focuses on deals and treaties that put our people into a disadvantage.
How can a Government say it serves the people if it only serves a very small few at the top.

Its time to challenge them, its Election year, vote for the little parties.
Don't Vote Nats or Labour they are both UN suck ups and serve the world agenda that hurts common NZers.

Some civil disobedience is a good way to show them we are not happy, we must show them now before the people are so hungry that our country falls into Chaos and civil war. Greedy rich people like John Key will just jump on a plane with his 52 million and leave us to it after shafting us for all he can get.

Lets them know how you feel, write on their billboards, ring them, email them, visit their offices.

Do something!

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