Peter Kramer

Peter Kramer
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14 words

14 words
We do for the love of our people.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Palmerston North Pro NZ Flag Rally

Great work Vaughan and Ash and the team who made this happen.
Thank you Palmerston North RWR for hosting this event. RWR NZ is at the frontline to save our beloved and precious National Flag. We honour our Heroes of the past who fought under this flag. We renounce John Key and all his puppets who want to change our flag for trade and other dirty tactics to separate us from our heritage and our freedom.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Zealand Land Base preperations

We would like to know who will be willing to live full time on the property to help take care of it. I will be living in the main house with my family. We will try and get a property with 2-3 houses to start with. 
Each of these family groups will need to pay their share of the rates and property maintenance, most likely a part of the small mortgage we will have also until its paid.
One of my projects this year will be to set up a site that will show the initiatives for the land, the property share system we have with the land base fees, and the European culture aspects we intend to implement. Such as the land lifestyle growing of food and animals, and the longhouse for meetings and for the visiting folk to use.
We will encourage property share holders to park caravans and build small sleeping huts on their piece of land.
Also we intend to build a fortified fence and defensive positions around the property. Some of these will be able to house those willing to live on the property at a reduced cost if they help with the security procedures.
This is a shared idea, aimed at preservation of our race and culture, not a piss up pad. So guidelines as to behavior on the property will be upheld and some on sight disciplinary regulations will be built.
Fight Club and other healthy activities will be made available and we will create tournaments for RWR chapter members to participate in during Nat meetings etc.
We hope to create a number of industries on site also based on members skills and abilities.
Other ideas welcome.

These are some of the options we are looking at. If anyone else has some ideas or know of affordable locations, please let us know.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Proactive movement

Life is great when our people are positive and active. But it really can suck when our people are stuck in never ending drama. Talk to each other and resolve things. Don't talk behind their back.
If someone is so bad that you cant work with them, then don't work with them. Its that simple.
An officer should be able to work with people they don't like, and they should be able to be respectful to that person.
I no longer associate with orgs and individuals who are stuck in the internal fighting and never ending drama. We all know who they are. They never achieve anything, or do anything productive, they criticize, fractionalise, demonise, and then they fail.
Positive productive people are the winners. Those who spend their time looking for fault in our own people and not working forward are a waste of time.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Action brings growth.

Hail to our brotherhood.
Some ideas for growth in your area.
Media cover gets wider recruitment potential. For media aim your flyer drops and poster runs at middle class white areas as they are most likely to complain and go to the media. Especially on white pride topics or anti gay topics.
After media has hit do flyer drops in working class areas were whites are pissed off and waiting for information.
Make sure a phone number and email addy on the flyers and posters....
Talk to the media when they ring, they will mess up everything you say, but the media cover brings people to the information that will counter their tactic.

Action = success.

Ideals without action are dead, only by doing something can we hope to achieve anything. Its better to try and fail, then to fail by not trying. At least by trying you may not fail. Infact victory goers to the bold!
The sheep just get rounded up at the end and eaten.

World wide Movement

Monday, June 22, 2015

RWR World WN womens organisation

We are very happy to announce the formation of world wide women's leadership for RWR Women's div/Valkyries... Growing in a country near you.

RWR Euro meeting August

RWR Euro chapters will be meeting at the white man march event in the UK. There will be a Euro meeting of organisations there.

We hope to announce by the end of the year a world wide established alliance of active like minded orgs.

This will work with orgs that are true to the scene and are part of the movement. We will move away from the fake orgs who seem to do more harm then good.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Resist Flag change, fight for patriotism.

The New Zealand flag is under review, The government is wasting $20 mill to do this. They want the flag changed so they can break contracts of loyalty to the crown and commonwealth.
 Our Flag is our heritage. We are a young country, but a hard fought country.
 We see the act to change our flag as an act of treason and seek those responsible to be tried and punished for their greedy actions.
 John Key a Zionist banker and his party that is full of "Parliamentarians for Globalization" a pact made by Ministers to betray our Nation, are enemies to our wonderful country.
 We will resist them, we will use the New Zealand Flag as a standard of resistance.
 When the war for freedom is here, we will fight under our National flag that represents us as Nation builders.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Message to the Government

Right Wing Resistance

New Zealand

Statement of Defiance


To Whom it May Concern

We are an organised group of political activists, who are among the many New Zealanders who are affected by your constant bad management of our Nation.

Some of the main points we are the most concerned about are:

·       Reckless disregard for the safety of New Zealand through the importation of people who are against our way of Life.

·       The lack of compassion for the common workers and other low income citizens of this country.

·       A self-serving attitude by Members of Parliament with many cases of conflict of interest in regards to policies being made that serve the profits of sitting ministers.

·       The continued increase of secret intelligence powers to spy on New Zealanders and to take away our rights and Freedoms.

·       Serving China, who is an ambitious and brutal financial empire who commit many human rights violations, including mass slavery, and mass murder.

·       One of the most important issues is the bowing and scraping to international financial powers in order to maintain trade deals and status.

Often these issues, such as the TPPA are designed to serve profit instead of our people’s welfare.


We resist your ruthless form of corrupt government, and we demand a change in the system to allow a greater representation of the people, including 1-2% representation, binding referendum and a more comprehensive system of accountability and investigation into ministers conflict of interests.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Invercargill and Dunedin events.

Great work to Dunedin and Southland units for their efforts in the week end.

Dunedin Unit did a flyer drop to commemorate WPWW day.

Invercargill did a banner. Great work guys.


Great work to CHCH unit leader Jason and Retaliator Unit leader jake for making the CHCH WPWW day a great event. Just as well our guys made it, otherwise the turn out would have been a bit sad.
Over 20 RWR and our supporters were there to rock the day forward.

WPWW day Wellington

First Wellington WPWW day.
over 30 RWR NZ members from all over the North Island attended.

Great work guys. Very successful event for RWRNZ.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WPWW Day notice

You are invited to be part of the world wide white pride day and White Man March day.
If you are able to make it to the formal events held in CHCH and the North Island please RSVP.
Both will have a social event and such after.

Anyone who is in an area by themselves, please do some flyers, or posters to mark the event in their own town.

This event gets bigger every year, great time to stand your ground.