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14 words
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Leadership and Action

To stand and say here am I, I will lead you, and then stand and watch and wait for others to do the work, is not leading. But to share the work, helping and leading by example is the way it must work.
To stand and say, I will do this, I will do that, and then sit down with a drink and entertain your friends will not gain the respect of good people. You will even loose the love of those who claimed they will stand with you. Only to dirty your hands in the fight will you gain respect and love naturally. 
Boldly saying negative things about someone else will sound good to those who like to listen to negative things for awhile, But eventually you are seen as the problem and no longer taken seriously when people see that its all lies and manipulations.
For us to succeed we have to be for real, walk more then talk. Work more then boast.
Earn a position don't demand it with promises of future deeds. Let your deeds speak for themselves. You may measure yourself by what you want to be, but others will measure you by what you show you do.
To make your org grow, do actions. It is a promise that if you do action you will have success. Don’t do action for a week and expect massive results, but do action continually and don't bail when things get hard and you will see the results.
Too many people will talk and expect everything handed to them on the plate. These people prove to be useless to the survival of an organisation. There are others who are waiting to be shown what to do, these people are great, as long as their is a leader among them who will teach them and guide them.
There are few of these leaders among us. They are precious to our cause. It is a shame to see the useless talkers ruin these good people.
So please show us how to be a good leader, don't tell us. A visual example is much better then a verbal explanation of what you could do or would do or will do if someone else does this...
There is too much to do to waste our time now, we must have the credentials shown to us. The credentials we need are proof of action.

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