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14 words
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letter to Immigration Officials, MPs and all relevant globalist puppets.

Right Wing Resistance
To: New Zealand Immigration Department
Re: Protest against high rates of Immigration to New Zealand
To Whom it may concern
The Right Wing Resistance is a collective of concerned New Zealand Nationalists.We wish to protest at the high number of Immigrants from countries who do not share common ancestry with the New Zealand Native or European colonial population who created this country.
Our main points are:
  1.       We are not given a choice about the levels of Immigrants and where they come from. We demand that New Zealand born citizens get the right to choose how many people are allowed to move to our country.
  2. 2.      We demand that you make the standard of English higher for all Immigrants and give more thought to the culture they come from and whether they will fit in with our culture and assimilate well.
  3. 3.      We are concerned that your screening of those coming from hostile countries with religions and political views that are contrary to our free way of life should be reviewed more rigorously to protect us from infiltration (of spy’s and technology theft) and potential terror threats.
  4. 4.      We demand a blanket ban on all people who have connections to crime gangs, intolerant religious backgrounds and anyone who has been in countries who have low health standards, such as those from countries with Ebola, Aids or any other dangerous infectious diseases.
  5. 5.      We state that Multicultural policies are ruining our country and destroying our Kiwi identity.

We have legitimate concerns and as tax paying, legal citizens of this country we want you to stop putting us in danger with the current relaxed and illogical immigration policies.

On Behalf of the Right Wing Resistance New Zealand
Kyle Chapman

National Director

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