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14 words
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome Home

Last year a number of our members left us setting up other orgs. Most of them wanted to be more active and said they wanted to create new activism levels.
After months of inactivity some of these people are coming back to us. Welcome home brothers and sisters.
We offer an amnesty to most of the people who have left us with the ideas of greatness but were let down by their new leadership.
For the leaders of the orgs that left us we recommend that you join the National Front. Some of these leaders who offer a humble return may be considered for a disciplined return.  It was sad for us to loose some of these brothers.
We are aware that they are now realising how hard it is to set up something new and all their imagined greatness is becoming the reality of minor status.

RWR will set the stage again this year, with new ideas and activism greater then those who pretend to replace us are showing they have no imagination for new things, set on copying other groups ideas while hardly actioning anything.

This year we see the need for greater Unity. But we have put the effort in many times, so now we wait for others to show a commitment to this.

At the end of this month a new level of action will be on the headline.

Then just like days of old the followers will return to the leaders.

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