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14 words
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Things I would like to say to you.

Public Amends
My name is Kyle Chapman. I am the former leader of the National Front and then the Right Wing Resistance.
After much thought, prayer and meditation I feel it is time for me to make a public amends.
In my political journey I had good intentions.  Mainly to help the Right Wing scene become less alcohol and drug focused and more about actual politics.  I hoped this would reduce the level of random violence and the appearance of ignorance. Through direct action, continuous support and involvement in proactive activism there would be less time for random drunken violence and petty crime.
I often thought it was Gods will for me to represent those who had no representation. Those who are blindly hated by many people in society based on a lot of negative media and constant street issues that involved Skinheads and similar looking people.
I strongly believe that we all have a God given right to have freedom of thought. That no one has the right to take this freedom away. I believe it is an aggressive form power and control to force people to be and act a certain way.
During my time of leadership I was allowed to a degree of power. Far more then would ever be known by the media and public. This eroded away at my good intentions over the years; I gave into many justifications for my behaviour. These are the things I need to apologise for.
The negative behaviour affected both my own people and the public.
Inside the movement I became somewhat of a dictator. I learnt how to work things in my favour and learnt very early that not many other people could do so. Since I knew I had this advantage I was able to get my own way often.  When things went bad for me, my pride and arrogance would bring out an angry bully who shamed threatened and manipulated in any way possible to get what I thought should be done.
My actions caused a lot of division inside the scene. Some even led to violence and the threat of violence.  I am ashamed of this.  Also the fact there were many times I could have just listened to someone better, taken advice more willingly, been less quick to be angry with people who had many assets I ignored.  As a result of my actions, rifts have been made that may never be fixed.  I had hoped that me stepping down could make some move toward repairing those rifts and reduce the likelihood of future conflicts.
I must admit my mistakes.  I turned into a megalomaniac.  I set up security units, had my own body guards, would hold back people who I didn’t like and promoted my favourite people even when they weren’t the best at what they did.
I treated women as second class, never allowing them to reach senior positions.  I justified other people’s bad behaviour toward women in order to keep their loyalties.  I turned my back on many hypocrisy’s among my membership.  I am sorry for the harm this has caused to the wives of our members and the reduced status women had as a result of my actions.  I used to justify that this was our culture and I had to abide by that.  But I know I could have done more to change it.

Over time I turned more into a cult leader than a political or club official.  As I have read these behaviours, it has allowed me to wake up to myself.  I thank God no one was killed under my watch and that I woke up to the important things in life before it was too late.
There is no civil war that would result in a good life for the people of our country.  I do not want my children to grow up in a self-destroying nation. The Government isn’t good. But I realised it isn’t my job to fix it.  I don’t even know how to fix it.  It is all part of the road to the end.
I started to wake up to better ways of working in the community when I was doing the work with the homeless and families below the poverty line.  That program suffered a lot because of my radical and negative public profile.  The media would refuse to do articles because I was involved, and the city council and other political forces would use my involvement as a way to close us down.  I am sorry the great work done by so many was brushed aside because of me.  Bless all the volunteers out there who do great work to make the world around them a better place.  It has been an honour to meet such people and I hope one day I can be forgotten enough to help again in these types of things.
I am sorry that I encouraged uniforms and style of dress that intimidated the public.  I thought at the time it was our right to dress as we like, and anyone who had a problem with that was weak minded and needed to deal with their own issues.  This is another level of arrogance I held onto.  These kinds of actions removed me from spiritual blessings and took me down the paths that lead away from God.
I am sorry to all my family, my children and close and distant relatives who have been embarrassed by me over the years.  Especially my mum who loved me unconditionally but was often concerned by things I said and the things she had seen in the news. I am also sorry to my ex partners and close friends who have been affected by my negative public profile.  Most of you watched my back, and stood up for me.  Your loyalty to me sometimes caused problems in your own lives.  I didn’t fully appreciate how great it is to have such loyal people around me.  I love you all.  Thank you for your support and kindness over the years.  Please forgive me.  I ask this especially of those who I turned from in my anger or pride and stupidity.
I must now do all I can to make the world around me a better place to the best of my abilities.  I invite others to do the same.
I will endeavour to seek out those I have harmed directly to apologise.  If you are someone I have hurt, please let me know so I can make direct amends.