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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RWR NZ Disclaimer

Some of the former leadership of RWRNZ have broken away and formed their own group called Resistance.
Unfortunately they have kept The RWR NZ emblem and now use it for their own.
We would like to publicly let it be known RWR NZ is not associated with this group or its current leadership.
We separate ourselves from any behavior this group does and do not wish to be branded with them.

The primary leader of this break away faction had said publicly that he does not want to be associated with Kyle Chapman, and that he was tired of Kyles name being used in every article that he was part of.

This author is puzzled why he still uses the emblem that Kyle designed. It is likely by doing so some less informed people will think he is still part of something Kyle created.

RWR wishes any productive organization well and will carry on with its own activities.

We wish to refresh our movement and distance ourselves from Gang like activities, including drug use, criminal behavior and random drunken violence.

We wish to be an organization that sets the standard of positive activity for our country and we will be working on this over time.

We feel that RWR NZ lost track over the last two years and focused too much on media and internet cover. Facebook is a tool of an oppressive system, we will not be using it anymore as a place to organize or argue.

Activity that we pursue will be based around positive outcomes.

Many thanks to our founding members who are now helping to rebuild RWR NZ to be what it was meant to be.

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